Vera Still

Vera Still
AreaKaikorai VacanciesSpace for child over 2 years from March 2021

Vera has been caring for children for 26 years. She was motivated to become a Home-based Educator by a love of little people and after having her own children. The children in her programme describe her as fun, loving and kind while their parents appreciate Vera’s patient, dependable and honest approach.

Vera’s programme incorporates a variety of activities to keep children entertained and engaged in learning.  A maths activity might be followed by some baking before finishing off a jigsaw and then tasting the baked delights. There’s fun to be had with outside playtime and a walk to the local reserve before heading back to Vera’s home for stories and art.  Wet days provide a great excuse to explore the Otago museum or get stuck into the play dough at home.

Vera creates a home away from home for young children, with the security of regular routines for sleeping, meal times and learning to help prepare children for school. Vera’s programme provides flexibility for busy parents and the reassurance that she will go the extra mile to provide extraordinary care.

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