Sue McKane

Sue McKane

Sue has nearly 15 years’ experience as an educator with the Dunedin Community Childcare Organisation and has enjoyed establishing strong bonds with many children and their families over the years. She believes in the importance of building positive relationships and this is the foundation of her programme.

Sue’s programme caters for all ages from young babies to children about to make the step to school. In Sue’s whanau group your baby will be nurtured by a carer who responds to their natural rhythms and is well equipped to meet all their daily needs.

Joining Sue’s whanau group provides your child with natural outdoor experiences, visits to playgroups, gym, parks, playgrounds and out and about exploring the local community. Getting physically active is part of the daily curriculum.

Sue values art and cultural experiences and actively seeks these out for children to enjoy. She is a member of two music groups and loves taking the children to special events such as Polyfest.

Sue believes in the importance of providing a safe, stimulating learning environment. She has a strong focus on providing literacy and numeracy learning experiences throughout the day and these are interwoven through indoor and outdoor play activities.

An astute observer of children, Sue knows how to extend their thinking and add complexity to their learning. She ensures all children have plenty of one to one interactions to develop their oral language and thinking skills.

Sue is experienced at planning a transition to school programme. Her aim is for children to be ready to participate fully at school.

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