Shelley McKillop

Shelley McKillop
AreaSt Kilda

With 7 years’ experience, Shelley says that a passion for observing and teaching children drives her as an educator. Children constantly surprise her in wonderful ways. At her sunny home, children are warmly welcomed to learn through play and can take full advantage of a lovely outdoor area.

The children in Shelley’s programme are encouraged to co-operate and form bonds with one another. Strong relationships and connections are forged through a range of fun large and small group activities. On any given day the children could be creating their latest masterpiece in an arts and crafts session, getting lost in a book at story time or running, jumping and playing in a local park.

Shelley believes that all children are individuals and excels in planning activities to cater to different strengths and interests. Her children are challenged and stimulated with a variety of activities from adventures into nature and even indoor obstacle courses.

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