Paula Burleigh

Paula Burleigh

Paula has been a stay at home parent for 9 years and was inspired by the learning experiences of her own three children and her involvement with Playcentre to become a home based educator.  Paula loves watching children grow, learn and develop and is passionate about providing children with the best possible start in life.

Paula believes that children need to feel safe and secure in order to learn and offers a calm, settled and nurturing environment where children are lovingly welcomed into the family.  She offers a rich educational environment with a vast array of resources for children of all ages and stages meaning lots of fun and learning along the way.

Paula believes that children learn best when they follow their own interests therefore much of her programme is individually built around each child's current interests and strengths.  Children are able to develop close relationships and friendships and learn to play alongside children of different ages which encourages leadership and nurturing skills in older children and provides younger children with others to learn from and look up to.

Paula lives very close to Fairfield Primary School and offers regular outings and connections within the community.  Children attend regular music, gym and playgroup sessions as well as getting out and exploring Dunedin's many parks, walks and attractions and attending organised excursions with other educators and children.  When at home children have opportunities for both scheduled and free play, including water and messy play, play dough, art and crafts, books, puzzles and much more.  Older children will also be provided with a fun and challenging programme including literacy and numeracy skills in helping to prepare them for the transition to school.

Paula encourages strong relationships and communication with families and will go the extra mile in accommodating working parents and ensuring consistency with existing routines.  She has an open door policy for families and welcomes whanau to join in on activities and excursions if they wish.  

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