Nicky Kinanne

Nicky Kinanne

Nicky has been a Pre-School Educator for 16 years and is very passionate about home-based care and the benefits for children in this environment. Having 3 teenage children of her own, means Nicky is well resourced with a variety of toys, covering all areas of play.

Nicky believes in using the wider community and encompasses several different playgrounds and walks in her programme, as well as attending weekly music session, gym sessions, playgroups and library story time.

The children love messy play, crafts, water play, jigsaws, dominoes, games & books at Nicky’s, but their favourite is imaginative play and baking.  Nicky believes in child lead play, focusing on learning life skills through their play. Encouraging competent and confident children in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Nicky runs an “Inquiry Day” weekly, with 2 other educators, which incorporates a “term by term topic”. Eg: Countries & insects. It also incorporates songs and a share-time, preparing the older children for school.  Nicky believes in supporting transition to school and uses tools from the individual schools each child is attending.

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