Lorraine Bell

Lorraine Bell
AreaMusselburgh Vacancies1 full time vacancy from January 2021, and 1 from March 2021

Lorraine is a trained early childhood teacher and has been a Pioneers Home-based educator for six years. She has great skills for guiding, extending and challenging children's learning within a play-based curriculum. Lorraine has a respectful and responsive approach, which gives infants and young children the confidence to discover and explore.   

Lorraine and her children take part in visits to Toitu Museum, picnics, lots of outdoor exploring in local parks and trails, which are a regular part of her intentional teaching and learning programme. Her values include the development of social skills, which are supported by regularly attending playgroup, gym, and music sessions.  Lorraine also supports excursions planned by Pioneers Home-based e.g. visits to the airport, Teddy bear's Hospital, and nature trails.

Lorraine a member of the local toy library, where she regularly chooses learning resources to reflect and support children's skills and interests as they form and grow. She works with the children on a project model of learning, where the children explore and learn more deeply about topics of interest, which gives children time to learn, explore, absorb, add, and return to the interest.

Lorraine greatly supports parents through being: calm; inclusive; and respectful, which creates a community of learning.  She encourages parents to participate with them in social gatherings, which are organised by Pioneers Home-based e.g. Christmas parties; Palmerston train trip; Māori/Pacific performance; and the airport trip.

Lorraine has enjoyed making the transition from centre-based early childhood teaching to being a home-based educator, and looks forward to welcoming your whanau to her home.

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