Linda Hillerby

Linda Hillerby
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With nineteen years’ experience as a Home-based Educator and 27 years as a mother of three, Linda provides top quality care and education in a fun and happy home. Parents call her the ‘sleep whisperer’ and love her calming manner, while the children in her care call her ‘cuddly Linda’ and love her silly games.

When the children arrive in the mornings Linda knows just how to help them settle into their day--a warm smile, a big hug or maybe a story on Linda’s knee for anyone feeling a little sad about saying goodbye to mum or dad. Linda is prepared every day with educational and fun activities set up for encouraging learning, in a nurturing environment. Linda believes “a fun environment is a learning environment”, and that kindness is the key to getting along with one another. The children learn important life skills for communication, which stays with them for life.

Linda loves being involved in the children’s games but also encourages children to develop independent skills and to socialise with their peers. Weekly outings are a great way to challenge learning outcomes and catch up with other friends in our Pioneers Home-based community; these include music group, toddler gym, museums, playgroups and the library.

Afternoons at Linda’s the younger children have a well-earned sleep, Linda recognises routine as important. Older children enjoy fun learning activities catered to their age, some are ready for learning printing skills, and others enjoy counting and alphabet games, and free play.

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