Lauren McIntyre

Lauren McIntyre

Lauren is the mother of two preschool boys where she has developed a sound understanding of child development which she uses every day in her role as an educator. 

Lauren loves being outdoors and has an environment where children can move freely between indoors and outdoors, with a wide variety of learning experiences.  She has a passion for growing and planting and loves to share this with the children by engaging them and teaching them sustainable practices. As part of this passion, Lauren has a menagerie of animals including hens, a  cat and a dog. 

Lauren loves exploring the wider community by visiting parks, walking and bike riding. 

Lauren is passionate, enthusiastic and excited about working with individual children and following their interests and strengths. 

Lauren is very creative, innovative and makes learning fun. She establishes predictable routines so children feel safe and secure while making connections and friendships with other children at our wider Pioneers groups. 


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