Krista Lindqvist

Krista Lindqvist

Krista is a home-based educator for Pioneers based in Fairfield.  

Krista is a qualified ECE teacher, and also has a Primary teaching diploma and a Bachelor of Science.  She finds herself using knowledge gained from these 3 degrees every day.

Over the last 10 years, he has taught in various early childhood centres including RIE/Pikler and Montessori inspired centres. She incorporates elements of each of these philosophies into her daily practice; these include respectful, unhurried care routines, free movement and authentic experiences with real-life materials.  

Krista loves being outside and also tries to use natural resources inside as much as possible. She believes children need daily connection with nature and sees many benefits from children being outdoors in many weather conditions.  

She regularly attends music and playgroups in the community and visit parks and playgrounds close by with the children. The daily curriculum provided is predominately child-led and play-based, in addition to more structured activities like gardening and baking. She believes children need to feel loved and cherished before they can then go on to learn. She encourages children to share their ideas and also to take responsibility for themselves, their belongings and other people. Krista feels it is a huge honour to care for and teach young children and to help shape the next generation. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” and she believes this wholeheartedly.


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