Kelly Bayne

Kelly Bayne

Kelly has three school-age children and has been a home-based educator for 13 years. She enjoys welcoming preschool children into a rich home-based curriculum where they become part the families lives.

Kelly's curriculum includes daily excursions in the mornings into the wider community which include playgroups, music, gym, museum, parks and playgrounds. Our afternoons are quieter and spent at home to allow younger children to rest or sleep while other children enjoy learning through puzzles, crafts and games. Books and reading are part of the daily curriculum for all ages.

Kelly loves nature and the outdoors, forest walks, parks and encourages children to value and respect the natural world. Care and respect for animals are also important as our family has two cats and a small dog. Good manners and kindness to people and animals are important to me and this respectful practice is embedded in all my teaching and learning.

Kelly enjoys being part of a wider group of Pioneers home-based educators where we all engage in wider community experiences,  learning together while developing friendships.


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