Karyn Churcher

Karyn Churcher

A qualified educator with over 22 years early childhood experience with the Dunedin Community Childcare Association Home-based, Karyn will work closely with your family to ensure the best learning outcomes for your child.  Her homeā€based programme focuses on building strong, nurturing relationships with the children and offering a loving, caring and supportive environment so that children and their families develop a true sense of belonging.

Karyn uses community facilities alongside her amazing resources at home to enhance children's learning and development. Whether it’s toddler time at the museum or an afternoon exploring in Karyn’s fantastic backyard, there’s lots of time for free play as well as more structured learning.

Her fun, busy programme usually includes outings in the morning while afternoons are home-based so young children may sleep, while older children play and work together. On wet days Karyn loves doing art and craft with the children, board games, singing and music, or cuddling up for stories.

Karyn loves children and originally became a Home-based Educator because it enabled her to fulfil her desire to educate and care for children while parenting her own children.  Karyn’s children are adults now, but her love and passion for Early Childhood stays strong,   Being one of your child’s first teachers is a true honour and privilege for Karyn.   She looks forward to welcoming your family to her programme.

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