Karen Parks

Karen Parks

‘Fun, kind and helpful’ is how the children in Karen’s home-based programme describe her. Karen’s home is a wonderful place for learning and playing and there’s always plenty to do.

Reading stories is a big part of the day. Books are always available for children to look at and Karen loves reading several stories at different times throughout the day. Art is also a regular and favourite activity, using different resources for the children to be creative with.

Karen and the children make the most of any opportunity to spend time outside with sandpit play, water play and having fun on bikes and ride-ons.

There are regular outings for children to enjoying mixing with a larger group of children and Karen regularly takes the children along to playgroups and at times a music group.

Karen is a qualified early childhood teacher with 16 years home-based experience, who finds it very rewarding to work along with parents, playing her part in children’s learning and development.  Parents love her kind, supportive and dependable approach. 

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