Jenny Evington

Jenny Evington
AreaNorth East Valley

Jenny has been a Pioneers Home-based Educator for 16 years and is based in North East Valley. She is passionate about seeing every child in her home-based setting reach their potential through fun play experiences, both planned and spontaneous. Children adore her fun-loving and interactive approach and Jenny enjoys going the extra mile to accommodate for working parents.

Jenny’s daily programme is very much child-led, both in the home setting and the wider community. She and the children attend gym groups, visit the gardens and various playgrounds. Her love of nature and natural materials, gardening, environmental learning, outdoor and physical pursuits challenge and grow the children in a holistic way. 

Jenny is very inventive and creative and makes clever use of things like large boxes, buttons and recycled resources to capture children’s curiosity and grow their learning in an imaginative and sustainable way.

Jenny is also skilled at incorporating biculturalism and things Maori into her daily interactions.

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