Jenny Bromell

Jenny Bromell

Becoming a Home-based Educator was the perfect career option for Jenny because she has always loved children and it allowed her to stay home with her then four-year old son. 14 years later and she says she’s well and truly hooked!

The children in her care describe Jenny as ‘funny’ and she certainly keeps them well-entertained throughout the day. Mornings are usually spent out and about, visiting the park, the museum, glaygroup or gym. Jenny takes full advantage of facilities available in the local community and story time at the library is always a favourite.Afternoons are usually spent at home to accommodate sleep time. For older children this is the perfect time to get stuck into craft activities or reading stories. Jenny has a great collection of indoor and outdoor toys. On fine days there are scooters and ride-on bikes, age-appropriate slides and a water trough!

Jenny says it’s a privilege and pleasure to play a part in children’s formative years and can’t believe 14 years have already passed by – time flies when you’re having fun!

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