Jane O'Brien-Van Betuw

Jane O'Brien-Van Betuw
AreaWakari Vacancies1 space for over 2 years available now, 1 space for under 2 years available in July 2021

Jane is an experienced and hands on educator with a skill for maximising opportunities for learning and having fun. She provides an exciting, planned and intentional programme indoors and outdoors as well as in the wider community.

Children and whanau are always at the heart of her curriculum and she provides a warm and caring learning environment for infants and pre-school aged children. Jane provides an intimate, responsive and trusting environment for the very young, while older children enjoy a fun and challenging learning programme focused on literacy and numeracy as well as physically challenging experiences.

Jane has been welcoming children and their families to her home-based programme for 18 years and looks forward to supporting your child’s first steps on their educational journey. 

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