Gail Matheson

Gail Matheson

Gail started Home-based care as a great option to be with her own 4 children. They are now grown up and Gail is still here because she loves it and what it provides for young children.

Gail has created a safe, nurturing and fun environment where children can be relaxed and secure while doing some amazing learning within a small group, to become super confident self-directed little self-managers at the same time retaining their own special spirit and personalities which is sometimes challenging but an essential life skill.

Gail and the children regularly head out to playgroups, story time at the library, music and on excursions with other educators and children so the children also experience a bigger group and gain a sense of belonging within other environments.

They especially love to be outdoors and are regularly out and about in the community with hats, jackets and gumboots exploring.

After 18years Gail has a vast array of resources available but her favourite for sure is play-based learning!

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