Dianne Elliott

Dianne Elliott
AreaCompany Bay

Dianne loves working with children, watching them grow, develop, reach milestones and have fun. She sees home-based education as a fantastic option for young children who can benefit from the stimulation of small group interactions in the home as well as the socialisation of a larger playgroup through Pioneers weekly playgroups and activities.

Dianne’s programme encourages children to participate in a range of activities including outdoor play such as sandpit, bike rides and exploring the environment as well as indoor play such as reading time, puzzles, playdough, baking, painting, and arts and crafts. Even if it’s not a day for being outside there’s still fun to be had making indoor cubby houses and having a picnic inside!

Dianne is respectful of families’ routines and supports these in the children's daily practices. Parents love her calm, can-do attitude and the safe and warm environment of her home-based programme in which children can thrive and learn.

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