Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson

Christine was a New Entrant to Year 3 Teacher in a small semi-rural school for several years before becoming a Home-based Educator. Passionate about making a difference in children’s lives, this role enables her to continue teaching while also staying fully involved in her own children’s lives.

Christine believes that children learn through doing and by being active participants in their environment. That they explore, learn through and make sense of their world by participating in it, whether it is everyday activities such as taking care of themselves or others, or participating in special events. Her home-based programme reflects all of these elements.

On a typical day at Christine’s home children are welcomed and invited to put their lunch, bag and coat away before saying goodbye to Mum or Dad. They can then choose from one of the many activities on offer. There’s always a good mix of explorative play and messy activities (like filling the sensory awareness trays with feathers and pompoms or shaving foam for squelchy fun!) and quiet wind down play like puzzles and reading stories.

The day is largely based around the needs of the children and while the general routine stays the same, there is also a degree of flexibility to take into account the natural rhythms and well-being of each child.

Christine’s home-based programme is focused on giving children a caring, loving, safe and supportive environment for them to develop and learn skills for life through a variety of rich activities.

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