Chris Gardner-Bowles

Chris Gardner-Bowles

Chris is a trained Early Childhood Teacher with eight years’ centre-based experience and now a further eight years as a Home-based Educator. She loves working in the home environment and believes the opportunities for teaching and learning are plentiful particularly with the fantastic teacher-pupil ratio.

Chris provides a programme that is responsive to children's interests and needs so, while endeavouring to maintain consistency, her programme is also an evolving and changing one. She offers art experiences, books, messy play, pretend play, physical challenges, and a focus on the wider world around us (to name a few!) Chris also loves to take the children out and about to activities such as gym, playgroup, on walks, to the library and on outings organised by Pioneers.

Some of her teaching strengths and passions include mathematics, creating a love for books, physical experiences and supporting children to be confident individuals who see themselves as capable of achieving anything.

Relationships are key in Chris’ programme. She values the importance of good relationship between parent, teacher and child. Most importantly, her programme is about having fun!

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